ClearChoice Protection Summit 2018

“Bringing together the experts to address the key challenges facing the financial advice industry”

Professor John Crown, Consultant Medical Oncologist, St Vincent’s University Hospital
From left: Ronan Goggin, managing director, O’Leary Life; Paul Merriman, chief executive, ClearChoice, and Brian Goggin, director, O’Leary Life

Don’t turn a health crisis into a financial crisis

We think nothing of paying for monthly protection cover on our smartphones, so maybe it’s time we did the same for life protection, writes Paul Merriman

What we do in the protection industry is important.

Protection is sometimes forgotten by us all. Nobody likes to think of illness or mortality and so protection is subsequently thought of less and less, as pensions, mortgages, car and home insurance all compete for our limited financial- related attention spans.

And so we, at ClearChoice, launched this, the inaugural Protection Summit for the Financial Brokerage/Life Assurance industry to highlight the importance of what the protection industry does for families, businesses and individuals.

And we are striving to improve coverage in some key areas. We feel it’s crucially important that we remind the protection industry of its key function in society – as the front line of any financial planning exercise.