Welcome To ClearChoice™

Our mission Statement

The objectives of ClearChoice™ are to raise the knowledge, standards & quality of advice within the financial planning industry.

As a Financial Broker it is difficult to stay abreast of the ever changing details of the Life Assurance market place.

  • ClearChoice™ provides you with a robust research and report process for Protection advice, one which can withstand external scrutiny during a review or audit, if ever required.
  • ClearChoice™ has been designed specifically for Financial Brokers, the ClearChoice™ system and product training service addresses the daily challenge all Financial Brokers face in analysing the most suitable Protection product for a client.
  • ClearChoice™ provides an intuitive filtering solution which takes into account the critical considerations that you the adviser must assess with every client.
  • Product training and knowledge content is a key part of the ClearChoice™ proposition, with e-learning tools and CPD content available to all subscribers. ClearChoice™ also facilitates product information seminars on the Protection market in our boardroom in Sandyford, a valuable service for new entrants to the Broker industry and those looking to refresh their knowledge base.