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Research and compare every product in the financial services market.

Our unique comparison tool provides the product specific detail in a single view.

Prepare and print recommendation reports and quotes that are white labelled for your Brokerage using our unique quotation tool.


We provide the tools to ensure your Brokerage is compliant and to demonstrate a robust research methodology for the Central Bank.

Our statements of suitability reports to show your value, research and recommendations in one simple report for your clients.


We have designed multiple training modules and programmes to suit all levels of experience.

Keeping your brokerage on top of your advice proposition with up to date product knowledge, key sales tips and angles.

Partnership with GDPR Buddy

GDPR has been overwhelming and over complicated.

We are keeping it simple and making GDPR implementation easy and manageable with our new GDPR management tool.

CashCalc in partnership with ClearChoice

Cash flow modelling and lifetime planning is an increasingly prominent part of our financial advice industry in Ireland.

CashCalc makes it easy to engage your clients in the financial planning process with interactive calculators and insightful graphics.

CashCalc allows you to create detailed and precise cash flow models for your clients, without any of the added complexity.

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About Us

With a deep understanding of the Brokerage market, we know that it’s difficult to stay on top of the ever-changing details of the policies in the market place. ClearChoice has been designed to address the daily challenges that Financial Brokers face on a daily basis, to research, to compare and to analyse the most suitable product for a client.

Our mission has been to raise the standard of knowledge and quality of advice within this important industry. We pride ourselves on being close to Brokerages from small to large, giving our clients the knowledge, the tools and the freedom to focus on what matters most: growing their business.

Since launching in March 2016, ClearChoice has evolved from offering comparison & quotes on the Protection market to now offering comparative tools for the whole market plus complementary services in Training, Compliance, GDPR and Cashflow Modelling services.  


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